Build a Business, NOT a Monster – 3 Things to Avoid!

Halloween is well and truly over. No more nightmares or ghoulish goings-on should be happening within your business! Maybe you’re still struggling to banish the baddies. Here are 3 things to avoid that will ensure you build a business, NOT something that would give Frankenstein’s Monster a run for its money!

  1. Don’t suck the soul out of your business

You need to put your life and soul into your business. Remember the reason you started and what you’re working towards. Recently, I interviewed Peter Docker, the inspiration and positivity he exudes is incredible, he works alongside Simon Sinek helping people Find Their Why. So, why are you doing what you do? As soon as you establish exactly what it is you’re working towards, whether that’s profit expansion, a perfect work/life balance or realising your retirement dreams. Now write it down. Life will be injected back into your business and you will feel fulfilled, ambitious and ready to make amazing things happen.

  1. Don’t Make a Monster Mash! Make Every Part of Your Business Brilliant

Crazy Professors make monsters in their laboratories from odd body parts and miss-match limbs –  DON’T do the same with your business. You need to ensure every part that makes up your business is the best it can possibly be. An amazing tool that allows you to do this with ease is the Business Model Canvas; this offers a concise snap-shot showing every element of your business. By having the nerve centre, the heart and all the other parts that make up your business right in front of you, you can clearly determine what works well, what needs improving and how you can make your business run efficiently and effective. Remember, you can’t build a business when the pieces don’t fit!

  1. Don’t Forget to Put Heart in Everything You do

Put the heart back into Frankenstein’s Monster, i.e., YOUR BUSINESS! To have a successful business, it needs heart. If clients can sense your enthusiasm and passion for your business, they will feel the same. They will feel valued and understand you genuinely care about your business, your team and them. Having heart shows commitment and dedication. A good way to show heart is by having values. Get yourself and your team involved in your local area and gain a grasp of what’s going on. For me, my business is in Birmingham, so I get involved in local projects, charities and initiatives. The bigger your heart is, the better! Not only will you be helping your area and raising its profile as well as helping amazing causes, but you will naturally grow your own business in the process. You will also meet new prospects and contacts.

There’s no need for your business to be a monster-like creation fit for a nightmare, follow these 3 tips and your business will be ALIVE!