The Launch Package is More than Just a Questionnaire!

What’s the Story?

Directors of donorflex, a fundraising and customer care database, Judith Todd, Brian Todd and Ian Nichols all had different ideas of what they actually wanted out of the business and what an exit strategy looked like for them. Brian shares his experience of the Launch Package and why it’s more than just another paper pushing exercise…

It’s more than just answering a questionnaire; the Launch Package has given us valuable insight into our business to enable us to focus on new revenue streams.

– Brian Todd, Director of donorflex

Here’s What Brian had to say

When you have countless other tasks to do within your business, the last thing you want to do is sit down and push papers. This task seems especially gruelling when it’s an additional task on top of your existing work load! After I, Judith and Ian (the other Directors of donorflex) chatted with Bart, we could see the value in answering these pivotal questions. We’re at a stage in our business where we really need to determine what each of us wants and where we want the business to go.

The Launch Package really gets your brain into gear and forces you to do some serious thinking, but it’s well worth it. It gave us valuable insight into our business to enable us to focus on new revenue streams. From this, we can work towards improving weak areas and maintaining the success of others.

These are the crucial steps you need to take. We’re now building value now for when the time comes to exit the business.

– Brian Todd, Director of donorflex 

Have you thought about where you want your business to go and what your exit strategy looks like? Find out more about the Launch Package