Mission Control, Madrid

A 3-day intensive retreat for entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to put themselves on an incredible change trajectory.

15-17 May 2018

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Only 10 places available

This retreat is for you…

Business owners are pulled in many directions.  I feel it too, the urgent email from a supplier, the fourth product question from a new customer…

before long the focus is on day-to-day existence rather than predictable growth.

Time away.    Time to think.    To plan.

That’s what you AND YOUR BUSINESS needs.

Mission Control is a 3-day intensive retreat giving you time away from the office to find your Energy and Focus.  You WILL come back to the office with a plan, an implementable way to measure effectiveness, trim waster and build your business for capital growth, investment or sale.

Welcome to Madrid – Arrive at Mission Control Headquarters, a chalet-style apartment in the centreof the bustling city of Madrid

9am start – Meet the Crew
Get to know the people you’ll be working with and establish friendships so we can work together, honestly, without the discomfort of feeling judged or evaluated

The Groundwork
It’s important to start our discussions from the same point, so let’s begin by focussing our minds on business functions, separations of power within the company, and the delicate act of juggling

Tour of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
Learn how this team has gone from a simple football club to Forbes magazineǯs #1 sporting brand in the world & its challenging climb to the top

Tapas and Culture
We’ll spend the evening talking through the Real Madrid example and exploring our goals for growth in our business. Not a late night, we have a lot to do tomorrow!

Building Your Rocket
Today is when the hard work happens. We will deconstruct your business and identify the most relevant concepts to implement based upon your goals and desired outcomes.

Enterprise Value
Did you know that there are 6 foundations your business stands on that provide great opportunities for additional growth and profit?  Are yours solid?

3G Adviser
3G Advisers create clients for life no matter what industry.  We will work on the words that will accelerate your business during your face-to-face engagement with your clients

Medienda – break time
This will be time to decide what you are going to have B.D. and the other Crew members help you to focus on to change in your business on the day you get back to home base

True Gravity
Let’s blow up your black book!  We are going to look at how to leverage your network and measure your networking activity to save Effort, Time and Focus and, more importantly, your wealth

Evening – your choice
It will have been an intense day, you are welcome to enjoy the city of Madrid on your own or join us for a meal out and a taste of the local culture

This is the day when we put it all together – ensuring you go back to the office with an implementable plan

20-Minute Team Focus Sessions
Each of the Crew members get 20 minutes for the group to put emphasis on a part of your business that we can put back together and help make it steffar, as a team

Launch Pad
Now that you have the tools, we will agree the main thing you are going to work on to take your business in the stratosphere. Sharing your goals with the team makes them closer to coming true tomorrow.

Hasta La Proxima
Our great time will finish at the end of today, but before that B.d.  will meet with you individually to go back over and embed your plan and implementation process

Next Steps
The support doesn’t end yet…we’ll check in to see how you’re getting on back in the office, and may even plan a reunion of the Mission Control Madrid Crew!

A quick tour of where you’ll be staying in Madrid.

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What’s included in the price:

Everyone likes to be prepared, so here are the anticipated costs not covered by the registration fee to Mission Control Madrid:

  • flights
  • transfers to and from airport
  • evening meal on days 2 and 3

That said, our experience is that the group members usually find ways to create economies of scale by travelling together and eating out together.

3 Reasons Your Business NEEDS You to Attend Mission Control

  1. A proven 3-step system for creating more value in your business, whether that’s increased value in the eyes of a potential investor or buyer, or increased profits
  2.  6-pillar plan for building your Power Team to take your sales to the next level, complete with guidance on how to effectively use the ‘hunting in packs’ concept
  3. The formula to measure real return-on-investment in your networking and sales activity, and an objective way to evaluate time wasters in your business

Sign up now for Mission Control Madrid

Only 10 places available

Meet Your Host

Bart (B.D.) Dalton II is a financial guru and the author of the book True Gravity: The Practice of Creating Stallar Business. True Gravity tells the story of his challenges and lessons learned, which have allowed him to develop proven systems to create powerful business and personal networks.

When not helping others in his network achieve rapid and long-lasting success, B.D. loves spending time with his family, coaching water polo with his kids, playing golf, speaking as an entrepreneur at conferences and speaking engagements, and watching Real Madrid matches.

Don’t have 3 days to get out of the office?  No problem.

Attend a local Next Level Group – There are a number of Groups and Events taking place around the UK, find one on the subject most relevant to your business

Buy the Book – Read about the concepts being covered at Mission Control in B.D. Dalton’s book, True Gravity


Work with B.D. – Can’t bring your management and sales team to Madrid?  No problem, bring B.D. Dalton in-house to work with your teams on specific ways to propel your business forward