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With a shelf full of self-help business books, and even a few propping open the office door, most of us are surrounded with a plethora of ideas to make our business better. It’s fine reading about these great concepts; the stumbling block is often the implementation.

Attending a seminar or workshop with Bart Dalton is akin to a live experience of a business-coaching book. You’ll be an active participant in the delivery and application of the topic, sometimes through the re-enactment of business scenarios or situational analysis, so they can be applied directly to your business.

It can be lonely at the top so take a look at our Next Level Groups and discover your own support network

Featured Event

Selling (Your Business) Before Brexit

Whether you’re ready to sell your business or not, our line up of industry experts have the must-know secrets when it comes to selling your business in a post-Brexit world.

Jaguar Visitor Centre, Chester Road,Castle Vale, B35 7RA

Thursday 31st January 2019, 12pm – 3pm

Selling (Your Business) Before Brexit

Selling your business is a complicated process - selling it in a post-Brexit world could cause even more tribulations and headache! Our line up of industry experts have the need-to-know secrets that will get you more money when making the sale of a lifetime.

True Gravity, Powered by iHub

Let's face it...networking SUCKS! Join BDC and iHub for a workshop giving you the low down on networking the RIGHT way. Fight off the black holes of business and build your perfect Solar System that will maximise your time, energy and focus.

Launch Package Lite

Giving your business an overhaul might be a can of worms you're not ready to open...We bring to you, Launch Package Lite. This is the opportunity to dip your toes in the next level waters before cannon-balling straight in, using the proven systems and processes, in a group setting.

Mission Control Madrid, 2019

Time away. Time to Think. time to plan. Mission Control, held in Madrid, is the opportunity to step away from the business for 3 days, offering fresh perspective, expert insights and an implementable game plan tailored for you and your business to reach the next level.