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With a shelf full of self-help business books, and even a few propping open the office door, most of us are surrounded with a plethora of ideas to make our business better. It’s fine reading about these great concepts; the stumbling block is often the implementation.

Attending a BDC seminar or workshop is akin to a live experience of a business-coaching book. You’ll be an active participant in the delivery and application of the topic, sometimes through the re-enactment of business scenarios or situational analysis, so they can be applied directly to your business.

Do you prefer to go solo? Find out more about 1-1 coaching with a BDC Catalyst

Featured Event

The BullRing Virtual Pitching Event 18.09.2020

If you haven’t experienced The Bullring before – this is Birmingham’s real-life answer to popular TV shows like Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. The sessions present a number of exciting, pre-qualified companies seeking investment, pitching their ventures in front of a panel of leading figures in business. They will offer their business nous on the pitches and engage in a Q&A session.The BullRing boasts a fantastic show-like atmosphere, proving to be entertaining as well and educational, offering the opportunity to network and, possibly, make the deal of a lifetime


Thursday 18th Sept 2020

Why 90% of Pitches fail at Birmingham Tech Week

Do you love new companies, inventions, and services? Want to know how you can avoid the mistakes 90% of companies make while pitching? We will take a hard look at making a 5 minute presentation for your StartUp. What are the key things investors look for? How can you hit sweet spots in your pitch? Rockfine Group run The BullRing and we accept and turn down 100s of applicant pitches every year. We want to help our community have more successes. Join us and see how you stack up.