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With a shelf full of self-help business books, and even a few propping open the office door, most of us are surrounded with a plethora of ideas to make our business better. It’s fine reading about these great concepts; the stumbling block is often the implementation.

Attending a BDC seminar or workshop is akin to a live experience of a business-coaching book. You’ll be an active participant in the delivery and application of the topic, sometimes through the re-enactment of business scenarios or situational analysis, so they can be applied directly to your business.

Do you prefer to go solo? Find out more about 1-1 coaching with a BDC Catalyst

Featured Event

The Bull Ring

Welcome to to the Bull Ring, an event hosted by Barclays High Growth. This is Birmingham’s real-life answer to Dragon’s Den, showcasing a line up of pre-qualified ventures seeking investment in front of a panel of business experts. Join us for a social at Bar Opus after the event.

Birmingham City Centre

Thursday 12th September 2019, 11am – 4pm, Social at Bar Opus, 4pm Onward

The Bull Ring, Hosted by Barclays High Growth

We're excited to welcome you to the Bull Ring, hosted by Barclays High Growth. This will be a day of education in finance, tax, legal and accounting, listening to companies seeking investment pitch their ventures (or be the company pitching) in the Bull Ring...

Startups, Start Here!

Never start a startup unless you've entered the Bull Ring...we're hosting a session at Birmingham's Tech Week, giving startups and entrepreneurs the need to know facts when it comes to starting a company. We also have a Bull Ring session where pre-qualified tech companies will showcase their ventures seeking investment in the Bull Ring....


Disruption is the tech insight briefing of 2019 you won't want to miss. At #Disruption2019, will be exploring ways we can implement artificial intelligence, user interface, virtual reality and other tech that is shaping our future, changing the way we live, work and play. Book your tickets now!

The Bull Ring @ The Festival of Enterprise 2019

Enter the Bull Ring @ The Festival of Enterprise 2019 and showcase your investment opportunity to a panel of business leaders, or enjoy the show as a spectator. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn, pitch, network and, potentially, make the deal of a lifetime...

Business Seance @ The Festival of Enterprise 2019

Are you ready to get rid of the ghouls that hold your business back? Attend the Business Seance and receive free tools and tricks designed to help you cleanse your business, welcome good spirits, taking you and your business to the next level.

Advanced Engineering 2019

SEA are proud to present Advanced Engineering 2019. This is the UK's largest annual gathering of OEMs and supply chain professionals. Don't miss the opportunity to present on the SEA pavilion at a discounted rate, offering multiple benefits.