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With a shelf full of self-help business books, and even a few propping open the office door, most of us are surrounded with a plethora of ideas to make our business better. It’s fine reading about these great concepts; the stumbling block is often the implementation.

Attending a seminar or workshop with Bart Dalton is akin to a live experience of a business-coaching book. You’ll be an active participant in the delivery and application of the topic, sometimes through the re-enactment of business scenarios or situational analysis, so they can be applied directly to your business.

It can be lonely at the top so take a look at our Next Level Groups and discover your own support network

Featured Event

Grow Group Taster Session

Can being your own boss be your biggest problem? Experience true value in our Grow Groups, working open and honestly alongside business leaders, because sometimes, we benefit from having someone to answer to.

     Free of Charge

Continuum Corporate Lawyers, 3 Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5NY

Tuesday 27th March 2018, 8:00 am – 10:00 am

Built 2 Sell Workshop

Join the BDC team and Barclays for this 2-hour workshop, helping you formulate a game plan for your business, protecting and preparing it for the future.

Grow Sell and Retire, Workshop Series

What does growing your business look like to you? Join the BDC team, in conjunction with Barclays, for a 4-part workshop series that will allow you to achieve your business growth goals.

Fake it, Make it, Take it!

Do you feel your constantly chasing your tail within your business? Running around like a headless chicken? If so, you're faking it! Take the steps to transition your business, to the take it stage, maximising your returns and amplifying success!