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With over 25 years’ experience under his belt and a genuine passion to make businesses boom, Bart’s (B.D.) charisma and positive outlook has sparked inspiration and contributed greatly to improving numerous businesses in a vast range of sectors.

Logical concepts, stories of challenges he has successfully overcome, tried and still-testing techniques instil the motivation and entrepreneurial passion many business owners need to move themselves to the next level.

Listening to B.D. at a seminar or workshop will guarantee you come away feeling energised with insight and tools that are implementable within your business, making it an amazing, fun place to be.

  • Expert Insight and knowledge will enable you to come back to work knowing exactly what it is you need to do to make business better.
  • Opportunity to network, share thoughts and ideas with like-minded peers which can spark inspiration within your own business.
  • Concepts are explained concisely and simply with clear, visually appealing presentations.
  • Proven systems and tools that have been successfully implemented by numerous businesses and BDC consultants.
  • Highly interactive, high energy workshops and seminars offer you the chance to ask questions and receive constructive feedback.
“We are going to take your business from being reactive to proactive, ultimately, to intentional.”

– B.D. Dalton

It was absolutely fantastic!

“I’ve just come out of a session with B.D. and feel really motivated…I’ve brought my team along so they understand the principles of how to sell your company”

Shelley Lloyd, Celsium Powered by Brunel

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