Most Loved Photo of 2019

The BDC team is extremely active on LinkedIn.  You may be connected to us and see our posts; hopefully, at least some of the content we publish is of interest to you and your colleagues.

LinkedIn is known as a tool for professionals abiding by the unwritten rule that it’s not the place for announcements about what you ate for breakfast, which club you frequented over the weekend or who you are dating.  But that doesn’t change our human instinct to be drawn to personal photos about people doing interesting things.

A photo says 1000 words…

When our directors B.D. and Michelle attended an event in London and were snapped by the photographer doing what they do best, talking and laughing, B.D. posted the photo to LinkedIn.  That one posting has attracted over 4,000 views, likes and comments and counting!

We believe this confirms the adage: People like doing business with people, and even more with people they know and like.  So now that you’ve taken a few minutes to learn more about us, we’d like to get to know you better, too.  Please drop Michelle an email and arrange a coffee, and feel free to say it’s “Just to get to know you better”.

And enjoy our happy photo!