Hello! My name is B.D.

Actually, my full name is Barton Dyke Dalton II, a gift handed down from my father, hence the regal suffix.

I come from a long line of liberating people:

  • Clara Barton, who we get our name from, founded the American Red Cross and liberated people from famine and catastrophe.
  • The Dalton Gang liberated people from their money by robbing people in the Wild West.
  • Bart Simpson, no relation but same name, became a part of households everywhere in 1990 when I was living in Spain and learning about working with people, culture and language.

But I am a lazy Over-Achiever.
Immediately after high school I spent a year in Southern Spain on a Rotary International student exchange programme, spending as little time as possible in class but truly integrating myself into the Spanish life and culture. It was amazing and I didn’t want to leave!

When I went back to my home town of Tacoma, Washington, my goal was to find a career path that would support me and take me back to Europe. I majored in International Studies at Pacific Lutheran University during which time I was not lazy, working a full time job with a global logistics company so they would subsidize my university fees.

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Articles Written By B.D.
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As the end of Q3 draws to a close, are you making the most of every meeting and business interaction?

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3 Pieces of Business Advice That Never Go Out of Fashion

Relating your business personal touches to a fashionable wardrobe, author B.D. Dalton reminds us to get noticed, have a clear path forward, and spend time on our appearance and reactions. Things to make us look good!

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Who Are Yer?

In this video by Downtown in Business, B.D. lets us in on some personal facts about his life, including who he most admires, his favourite book and movie, what superpower he covets, and even what happened to him for one week in 1985.