What are Next Level Groups?

Next Level Groups are opportunities for non-competing business leaders to share their experiences, raise concerns and challenges, and benefit from the advice of others who have, or are, experiencing the same situation. They provide real-world solutions and hold each other accountable for the agreed actions.

Sally’s Story

Business Leaders often feel lonely and isolated in their role as decision-maker, like our lovely client Sally*. Sally built and runs a training business in the medical device supply chain in the West Midlands. It’s a successful business with a positive turnover and over 50 staff. Sally had much higher aspirations for her business but struggled to identify the best way to grow the business without upsetting current customers and losing control – and at the top of her business she didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas off, provide advice and hold her accountable for her actions and inactions.

Working with Bart Dalton Consulting (BDC), Sally filtered through all the business growth ideas and clarified her true business growth goals. She was then introduced to a Grow Group, and through the peer-to-peer support of the group, boosted her management team and brought about real culture and process change. Now her business has tripled in size and she is able to stand back from the day-to-day operations, confident there is consistency in delivery and sustainable growth.

*At her request, we’ve changed Sally’s name

There are three stages to the Next Level Groups. Which stage suits you?

Grow Group – for business leaders who are actively growing their business and profits; sale or exit from the business is more than 5 years away

Sell Group – for business leaders who are actively building their business for sale within the next 2-3 years

Retire Group – for business leaders who are in the process of selling or exiting from their business, and are looking for other opportunities as a business owner, investor or non-exec director

Each group meets monthly for four hours, has an 8 person maximum to ensure enough sharing time, and we guarantee no competitors are sat around the table.

Upcoming Next Level Groups