Brand “YOU”

Brand YOU. Your clients need you to be three things: Aspiring, Inspiring and Perspiring. Your business is built around YOU. Whether you run your own business, you’re in a small team or a large company. The clients you attract will be the reason you can grow your wealth to new levels. The best thing is that you will be able to do it with the clients and people you actually want to be around. When we enjoy work and we’re surrounded by the right people then it becomes a lot more fulfilling.

Here are three things you can do to make sure that you are setting out your stall to pull in the right type of clients.

1. Make your story and client engagement tools aspiring to the ideal clients, ensuring you become their solutions guru.

a. If you are an IT company that wants to work with customers who have 250-500 clients, then your stories and marketing should be around how clients started off with 50 employees and on their way to the top your solutions helped them aspire to get to the next level.
b. Your Accounting or Legal business needs to show how all businesses start small and have service professionals, but when they wanted to make the next big step is was YOU that helped them lay the foundations.

2. When your aspiring powers have the ideal client hooked and the story encourages them to gravitate towards you and ask you how it works, then you’re ready to lay down the “framework of inspiration”.

a. Make a simple client engagement process. It needs to be written out in the form of a concise list that lets the client know what is going to happen next.
b. Get your team to do things that make the client feel like they are doing well. This can be something as easy as comparing weekly sales of certain products or looking at how their website compares to a competitor. Simple tasks and completing them inspires hard work.

3. Perspire. Now comes the real graft. This is where the majority of clients stay reactionary. You need to be able to get them carry out the hard work. This way you can show that by working with you and following the system you have introduced they will see HUGE improvements.

a. If you are a marketing company then this will come in the form of changing the way they deal with clients across all levels of staff. Many times this means that the “rain makers” and bosses need to relinquish control to the newer/younger staff. For example: the boss should not control everyone’s calendars because the team needs autonomy to schedule meetings and better prepare. After all, marketing is not just about big billboards and blingy banners.
b. If you’re a manufacturing company you need to focus on the competitors and target a list of things that you are able to do specifically better. Go to functions and networking events that give you the opportunity to showcase, speak and present your unique specialities.

There are so many things that you can do to make the next steps. It takes a solid plan that requires dedication. Your road to the top will accelerate when you focus on only 1 thing from each of the list above. What can you do today that will magnetise ideal clients to your Aspiring, Inspiring and Perspiring style?

Demonstrate your ideal client experiences to your team. Then show your clients how to describe what you do to make them amazing.

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Make your clients love the Brand “YOU”.