Words from the Gladiator

3G Trusted Advisers know they have worked hard to achieve their coveted status, and that this intimate relationship is dependent upon honesty. Through your experience, studies and professional standing you have achieved success, and your clients appreciate your advice and guidance. Some situations are straight-forward achieving quick agreement; other times you may have to guide, cajole and strongly advise on the best way forward. There are few very important times when you will have to put on your armor and prepare for battle – when your clients are derailing the goals they have entrusted you with. Your Gladiator has now come into position and is ready to defend the trust that was bestowed upon you.

Gleaming armor and sword in hand you step into position:

You have a client who needs to buy and implement a brand new widget into their business to increase efficiency, yet they are skeptical of the price and how long it might take to have a pay back. You know that this is the way that they need to go. The short-term pain will be so minimal when they make the change, yet they say those classic lines “We want to think about it;” or “Not right now, we’ll see about it later.”

There are usually a couple ways to handle it but here are 3.2. The last one is fractional because it is a bit more emotional, but very effective with the right client.

1. Ask them to sign a letter stating they understand that you believe the solution you are providing is the best thing to solve their problems.

2. Ask them to tell you how they are going to make sure the issue is remedied/their solution to the problem.

3. Walk them through the story about a client that did not do what you are suggesting and how they came out worse off.

3.2 Tell them why you would suggest this solution to even your closest family member, and how you would feel if they did not do it.

Sincerity is the key to all of this. You have to believe in what you are doing; belief is the only way for you to have the conviction to do any of the items you are doing. My favorite test is the Grandma Test. I make sure that I have explained the problem and solution as clearly as I would to my Grandma, and if I haven’t done this, then I have not explained it to the level that is fair to the client. Obviously, these situations come with a degree of trust and agreement you have already cultivated.

It is important that this Warrior stance is taken infrequently or it loses its luster and you become less of a 3G Trusted Adviser and more like a bruiser, dictating the way forward and damaging relationships.

Tell me more of your ideas on making sure clients know you are extremely serious. I’d like to hear your stories at contact@bartdaltonconsulting.com

Go out and change peoples’ lives with your 3G Trusted Adviser skills.