Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson has the Secrets to Building Your A-Team Ep. #50

You don’t need a group of ex-special forces soldiers in order to have an A-Team…Whitney Johnson, Author of the Bestselling ‘Build an A-Team’ and the Critically Acclaimed ‘Disrupt Yourself’, shares her wisdom and proven techniques helping your team flourish and the the boss people love to work for.

Whitney Johnson, Influencer and Bestselling Author who is recognised as one of the 50 leading business thinkers in the world (Thinkers50) shares amazing tools and strategies from her book, ‘Build an A-Team’ and explains the value in playing to your teams strengths and skill set. Bosses need their team to have the mindset that they’re working with them rather than for them.

We explore the ‘learning curve’ theory Whitney outlines in ‘Build an A-Team’, explaining how employees need to continue learning, taking on new challenges to stay engaged, pushing to achieve goals; employee development is crucial.

By playing to each individuals existing skill set, assigning them tasks that compliment these, you will be  able to identify what your team already know and excel at and what they need to learn. This will accelerate their way to their learning curve, personal growth and development.

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Whitney Johnson
No one sets out to be a big boss. We set out to have big ideas. We can't get there by ourselves - we need people. We have to inspire and encourage our team to accomplish our vision.

- Whitney Johnson

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