What do People say About you Behind Your Back?

Have you ever had the daunting experience of entering a room full of unfamiliar faces, eyes on you as you as the crowd attempts to suss you out? We get it. It’s overwhelming immersing yourself in a room of strangers, especially when everyone else already seems to be acquainted – your primary goal is for people to remember you positively, especially when first impressions count.

Whether it’s a friend of a friend’s social gathering, a networking event, an interactive workshop or seminar, you want people to talk highly of you and your business, even when you’re not in the room.

That’s your personal brand. It’s what people say about you when your back is turned. 85% of small businesses get their custom through word of mouth, hence why it’s important you’re consistent, saying the right thing, every time. You are one of your most powerful marketing tools, so it’s important you make an incredible impression!

Story Time…

Your story is, without doubt, one of the most valuable tools in your marketing bag. It’s vital you get it spot on – don’t be afraid to make it personal and add a human touch, after all, it is your story, so be authentic and be yourself.

People don’t retain the jargon and information you spew about the product you sell or the service you offer, they remember you. The sincerity of your story and passion for what you do is what’s memorable and sparks real engagement. By conveying the right story and telling it consistently, you will make a hugely positive impact…and really, who doesn’t love storytelling!?

Stop Selling!

People hate being sold to. Fact. You don’t want to be the sales freight train in the room, hurtling towards an unsuspecting target at 60mph, ultimately being that person everyone avoids – don’t be the black hole!

This correlates with getting your messaging and story right, keeping it casual instead of a hard sales pitch. When meeting someone new, it’s important to bear in mind a conversation is a two-way thing. Don’t be afraid to have casual conversation, get to know the person and ask what their story is – they could prove to be a valuable connection to your network, some of the most solid business relationships are built on friendship.

What’s your Superpower?

Superman can fly, Captain Marvel has super strength and The Hulk is the epitome of power – so, what’s your superpower? We all have an area we excel at and an area we are especially talented in, so why not own it?

Your superpower is your strength, the thing you are able to do 100 X better than anyone else. You’ve developed and fine-tuned your special ability and built your business around it, so, don’t be shy to let people know what you do and why you do it so well!

By telling people what your superpower is, you’re letting them know what you can do for them and how you can add value to their life and business. When it comes to it, that’s one of those most important bits of information you can get across – why you should be their first port of call and choose you to rescue them in their time of need!

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