Transform Business With Tech

Humans are conversing with robots. Computers are automating our communications and tasks.  Money is electronic. We can transform business with tech, but are we maximising some of the simple technology we have at our disposal? If you’re a small business, you should take advantage of this tech to enhance your business. Here are 3 cost effective ways to incorporate tech into your business today.

Social Media

If you’re not using Social Media to promote your business, start now! It offers great exposure for your business, building your brand and showcasing what you do best, displaying your products and services with the ability to direct traffic to your website. As well as marketing, It’s also a great platform for customer contact. Quickly and easily communicate with prospects, clients whilst expanding your personal and professional network.

If you use each platform correctly and maximise the features, you can boost sales, create powerful content, determine what content is the most popular. Share and gain creative inspiration from other users, staying on top of the latest trends and news, relevant to your sector.

URL Shorteners

This goes hand in hand with your Social Media presence. Shortening your URLs enables you to fit more into your social posts – super handy when there is a character limit! The average URL contains around 100 letters, they can be shortened to about 20 with this tool.

URL shortening services also provide useful information in the form of live click data. You can discover the amount of clicks your link receives, the users location, what page the link was clicked from (Email, Twitter etc..). This information holds great value as it shows where the majority of your audience is based geographically and what your audience is most interested in.

Digital Filing

Digital filing is not only great way to go paperless, but also an efficient, effective way for you and your team to store and share files. A well organised filing system is also incredibly time effective. Gone are the days of rummaging through papers, searching through folders, sharing files via email and waiting for replies. Everything is all stored accordingly in one shared space. Another benefit of digital filing is the ability to download the systems on your phone. For example, Dropbox can be downloaded onto your phone, meaning you can view, share and store files anywhere at any time.

If you haven’t already made use of this simple yet effective technology, then go ahead. Dip your toe in the digital age and feel the benefit of tech implementation.