Toe Dippers not Wanted!

When you look at how you take on life and risks, are you a toe dipper, slow and steady? I am a cannonballer, burn the boats and scorch the Earth sort of guy. This can be an amazing attribute to possess or sometimes it can be a quality that polarises people away from me. My grandpa, Doc Dalton, used to tell me “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.” So I make lots of stands.
Are you ready to take a stand?

I didn’t go to University straight out of high school; I moved to Spain for a year to learn the language and experience a new culture. It was amazing and changed my life forever. What have you done that has made a huge impact on your life? Was it physical or a mental change? Then I decided to come to England and move my life and build trust in a foreign land. It was a challenge even though it was in my native tongue, it changed me and how I acted.

Before, I was energetic and motivated, outwardly excited, and get really emotional about what I believed in. Over the past 15 years here in the UK I have toned down who I am. I smile less. I am not as loud. There are times when I will refrain from being overly happy. This is a bad thing. The cannonballer had become a toe dipper, or at least a small splash racing start sort of guy.

When I met with one of my coaches recently and she said, who are you, Bart, B.D., or Bart(B.D.) or B.D. Dalton II? I stumbled and fumbled to find a way to explain that when I came to England, people didn’t understand B.D. so they always said Petey or even worse – this was the start of less B.D. and more Bart.

Have you done this to fit in too? Smiled less? Told fewer jokes? Taken focus away from your family? It is time to figure out how you are going to be as much of a cannonballer as possible.

Here are some ways you can get your dive back on for the Summer Lido season and leave the toe dipper behind:

1. Think of 3 people who you love hanging out with, people who make you feel engaged and smile and whom you would like to be like. Book time to spend an hour with them this month. Here is a simple agenda (all great meetings need agendas). Repeat 3 times, or if you are all friends make a day of it. Follow a simple agenda it will make it more fulfilling.
a. Catch up on life, work and family
b. Share one tribulation that has made your year a challenge
c. One piece of cool advice someone has given you this year
d. One thing you would like to cross off your bucket list this year

2. Find one friend and work on a charity function together before the year ends. Set a. goal and make sure that people understand why you have chosen this.

3. Move towards mastery in something this year. Have you started music lessons, learned a language, painting? This will make you a more centred person and give you a time when your mind can be only focused on one thing and even create calm and quiet.

Here is the call to all you toe dippers! Take a chance and make sure you are not doing the same safe stuff and expecting things to be different this year. I am not saying to go through a mid-life crisis. I want you to make sure that you are taking incremental steps from the side of the pool, to the spring board to the high platform.

Spend the time where you are going to have the most impact.
Find people to do the things you hate doing. Earn money or barter for that thing to get done for you.

Pull up your swimsuit, step back, get a running start hold your breath and make a huge splash for wealth and fun!