Rick Smith

The End of Killing. An Interview With Rick Smith Ep. #88

The absolutely awesome Rick Smith, Author of the End of Killing and Founder/CEO of AXON is on a mission to make the bullet obsolete. Here’s how he’s making that happen…

Rick Smith CEO and Founder of Axon, is a pioneer in less-lethal weapons and a global market leader in law enforcement technology. He is on a mission to diminish the need for bullets, making the world a safer place for everyone. The Axon network has more than 18,000 law enforcement agencies in excess of 100 countries, so his message is certainly not going unheard…

Rick discusses the concepts and thoughts he has in his book, The End of Killing, and the reason behind his goal of making the bullet obsolete, transforming the world into a safer place through innovation and technology.

Staying ahead of your competitors

Following this, Rick also shares some pearls of business wisdom, demonstrating how you can stay motivated and engaged with your product in a world of competitors. He explains how there are very few new, revolutionary products in the world. Rick will help shift your mindset and explores ways in which you can solve an existing problem rather than create a whole new product. As business owners we can learn from the successes and failures of similar products.

This really is an eye-opening interview guaranteed to inspire you.

I think, within 10 years, we will be at a point where non-lethal weapons can begin to change the primacy of the lethal weapon. We can be more reliable and effective at stopping someone quickly without a bullet.

- Rick Smith

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Rick Smith’s book, The End of Killing, is available for purchase now, click here to get your copy