Take a Vacation, Every Week! Ep. #24

More time away from the business will increase productivity, tenfold! Sound to good to be true? Here’s why you should take a vacation, every week!


As workers, when are we most productive? If you’re like the majority, it’s most likely the week before you go on holiday, which is why you should take a vacation, every week!

We work our socks off to complete 50 tasks in one day, motivate ourselves to get in the zone with momentum in full swing, knowing we need to complete a multitude of tasks before we retreat to our sunny location, relaxing on white sandy beaches; Why can’t we be this productive every day? B.D. explains the methods behind this madness, explaining how taking more time out will guarantee more work gets done.

So, what do you do with the extra time you free up? Realign your focus and consider what it is you want to get out of your business – thinking about your business is often just as important as working on your business, setting objectives, goals and strategies that will continue to propel you to your next level.

Recline on your deckchair, sip your margarita and listen to this episode of Grow, Sell and Retire for more reasons why you should take a vacation every week!

Shortening your work week means you're motivated to get more done and use your time more effectively. Write down your plan on a Monday or Friday, consolidate your tasks into smaller packages to ensure you get everything done. Productivity increases when we feel the pressure of a time frame!

- B.D. Dalton

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B.D. Dalton’s Bestselling book, Grow, Sell and Retire is packed with useful tips that will help you win back your time to do the things you really love – including a vacation every week!

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