Shrink to GROW Ep. #3


Shrink to Grow? Seems like a strange concept, doesn’t it? To start growing, cut down on the number of clients you have – remember, there’s logic behind this method –  ‘Quality Over Quantity’. If we focus on fewer good clients, we have more time for them and provide a better service resulting in a loyal client base.

“Clients start asking you about lowering your prices – they don’t understand the true value of your service. Start thinking about a shrinking strategy. We call it dis-engagement, but this is really if you cannot provide value for that client and they cannot understand the value that you provide. It’s time to move on.”

When your business in at the point whereby selling is not the main priority, we can afford to be a little more selective with clients. We want clients who we can help and offer an impeccable standard of service as well as them being beneficial to us. We want fun, profitability and an understanding of value.

“My coach, Steve Moore, tells me is that if you can provide the value, show them the value and tell them the value that you provide and you’ll get great clients for life.”

B.D. discusses the ‘Pareto Principle’ AKA the 80/20 rule.  Apply this to your business and grow with your clients. A great business with great clients means you can sell it for even MORE money and make your retirement dreams reality!  listen to the full podcast “Shrink to Grow” for B. D’s full insight and encourage sustainable business growth! Check out the blog for more great business tips.


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