HUGE Questions, Candid Advice From Jeff Belkora Ep. #46

HUGE questions makes  a HUGE difference when it comes to emotional engagement and client satisfaction, Jeff Belkora explains why…

Author of the book DEAL!, coach and Founder of Patient Support Corps, Jeff Belkora shares his years of wisdom in this episode of Grow, Sell and Retire, demonstrating why HUGE questions contribute greatly to the satisfaction of your clients.

Jeff’s practical, simple tips will help you make conversations with your clients engaging and relevant. This will promise to be a highly effective method,creating a better outcome.

Whatever your line of business may be, one of the primary goals is to guide guide clients to a good decision.  Jeff explains the importance of emotionally engaging your client, understanding their agenda and their ultimate goal. Doing this will help you leverage resources and deliver the best possible service. As a result, your clients are happy which, of course, has a hugely positive impact on your clients.

This is an eye opening interview from a true expert with years of experience. Grab your notebook and start using Jeff’s top tried-and-tested tips will make a better business for you and your clients.

Asking the right questions get your clients emotionally engaged. Getting to the root of the clients goals and what they're really thinking through candid questioning and emotional engagement is a huge thing people don't do enough.

- Jeff Belkora