Robots, Money and Better Banking, in Conversation With Chris Skinner Ep. #75

Author, Fintech speaker and one of the U.K’s most influential people in technology, Chris Skinner, talk robots, banking and making smart decisions when it comes to your money in the future

Chris Skinner is a game changer when it comes to the world of Fintech, Cryptocurrecny and blockchain, sharing his vision of the future of financial services. In this episode, we explore some of the concepts from his book, Digital Human, The Fourth Revolutionary of Humanity Includes Everyone.

Technology is changing the way we trade, talk and transact, so, how do we adjust to these changes and mould ourselves to the digital future? Chris talks through the best investments and how to effectively  interact using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to save time, money and effort.

Listen to the full episode and prepare for a digital future…

High frequency trading now relies on artificial intelligence. Banks use automation so they can take instruction and implement a client’s request in a nanosecond. Tasks that would historically take 45 minutes for a human to process now take a fraction of the time when done electronically.

- Chris Skinner