Richard Fallon, Dr Marketing/BDC Catalyst

Richard Fallon is your Marketing Engineer.  He has a somewhat unorthodox background for a marketing consultant.  He completed his Ph.D. in laser physics at Aston University in 1998 before becoming a Business Analyst for British Airways.  It was while he was on a weekend away with friends in Buenos Aires that he got his first marketing lesson from a South American prostitute.  You’ll have to come along to one of our briefings to hear the rest of that story.

In 2004, Richard became bored of the sameness of corporate life and set up his own management training company.  His company offered the Chartered Management Institute’s Diplomas in Management as well as bespoke training courses.  Richard also developed his own NVQ Level 4 accredited course “Marketing for SMEs”.

In 2009, companies wanted marketing help as well as training.  So Richard focused on formulating marketing strategies and crafting copywriting as well as delivering marketing workshops.

His workshops attracted a wide range of companies from manufacturers and engineering companies through professional service providers to bars and restaurants. This was an eclectic mix; especially when they all attended the same workshop. However, everyone found it beneficial as marketing fundamentals apply to every business.

As an engineer by background, Richard knew there had to be a process he could lead any business through and get the right answer for them.  He searched but could not find one.  So in 2010, he pioneered his own marketing process.

Since then his proven 12-step process has been helping companies rapidly create trust with their prospective clients.  Trust being THE missing ingredient in most failed marketing campaigns.  While people in the past implicitly trusted bankers, accountants, solicitors etc. this is no longer the case.  Many businesses struggle to hurdle the trust wall and Richard has developed a handy portable ladder to help you easily scale it.

Richard is passionate about helping business owners in the West Midlands to grow their company and create the wealth they want and the employment the region needs.  He helps them to achieve their business goals by working with them to develop their marketing strategy, plans and campaigns.

Richard helps BDC clients with the following levers:

Growth Plan- the marketing part of your overall plan

Your Thing- developing your Unique Selling Proposition

Brand- positioning your company and defining your vision, mission and core values as well as crafting the copy and content which shape your brand.

Your niche- researching and in-depth profiling of your target market.