Recipe for Success With Karen Green AKA The Food Mentor Ep. #40

Is your business tempting enough to keep people coming back for seconds, thirds and fourths? Karen Green AKA, The Food Mentor has The Recipe for Success!

The Food Mentor (better known by some as Karen Green) shares the vital ingredients your business needs to create a business that stands out in the marketplace, temps prospects and  keeps existing clients coming back for more. Listen as Karen divulges useful nuggets of information from her book, Recipe for Success in this podcast that you can think about implementing within your business.

A key ingredient to think about is establishing your niche, what makes you stand head and shoulders above your competitors? It’s a question prospects will almost always ask ‘why should I choose you?’ Once people get a taste for your unique business, they’ll keep coming back for more!

Karen is the go-to-person when it comes to start ups and entrepreneurs in the food sector but her tips can be implemented within any business of any size. Her years of expertise have been applied to market leaders like Tesco and Boots – her insights will inspire and whet your appetite for success!

Try to find the sweet spot in the marketplace. A lot of the time, that can be a market that was once booming and is now a little tired – that’s a great opportunity to move in and redefine that market and create an exciting new version of an old product consumers will want.

- Karen Green

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