What’s the Story?

Operations Director of Bluebird Support Services LTD, Leanne Bentley, took (much needed) time away with her business partner, with the goal to rebuild foundations and formulate workable systems and processes. She attended Mission Control, a business retreat in Madrid and found the experience mind blowing!

Bluebird aim to deliver exceptional customer service to their clients. Prior to attending Mission Control, their main focus was on operations and recruitment, which, in turn, was having a negative impact on neglected areas like sales and marketing, meaning business growth was stunted.

Mission Control was the perfect opportunity for the business partners to sped 3 days together, formulating a plan addressing to address all areas of the business, ensuring they reach their next level.

Mission Control, a Business Retreat in Madrid: A Mind Blowing Experience! Leanne Bentley, Testimonial
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Here’s What Leanne had to say

“Our customers are the core of Bluebird Support services. Any opportunity that comes our way that will enhance our client’s experience, we grab at it with both hands. When my business partner, Jayne Smith put the idea of Mission Control, a business retreat in Madrid to me, I couldn’t say no! (growing our business whilst enjoying a gorgeous city – what’s not to love?) I was a complete newbie to this kind of thing, but the concept of stepping back from the business to evaluate it from afar seemed like the perfect package that would benefit Bluebird enormously.

I am 100%, a process driven person. Whist we had processes and systems in place, we weren’t adhering to them. We were very sales driven, which made it quite challenging to keep independent workers busy and engaged. B.D. explained that I needed to strip our processes right back and rebuild the foundations. Solid foundations ensure we can build solid processes that the whole team can understand and follow autonomously.

After the first day, I was completely mind blown. It was made so clear to me how necessary it is to have processes in place, finding the right language to use and working out how everything fits together to build smooth flowing systems. It was refreshing to build the processes in stages over the course of our 3 days in Madrid, day one was building the framework, understanding the strengths of each team member and really honing-in on these, creating processes that would coincide our respective strengths.

B.D.’s insights, combined with patience and a sense of humour made building the processes a really positive experience – it didn’t even feel like work! We refined the content to add to the framework and fleshed out the foundations, structure and processes, helping us create an exceptional client experience. During our time in Madrid, we built surveys catered to our clients, email campaigns built amongst many other things, setting us up for a positive start when we were back in the U.K.”

Leanne Bentley, Operations Director of Bluebird Support Services LTD

Business After Mission Control…

“6 months on from Mission Control, and it has already had a positive impact on us, our business and our clients. One of the biggest things I learned, is that it’s okay to sack a client (sounds scary, I know, but it honestly makes a huge difference) sometimes they take too much time, energy and focus, detracting from our business.

The systems and processes we built in Madrid have been followed to a T, the team knows what they’re doing, we know what we’re doing which, in turn, has benefited our clients, giving them an impeccable experience with Bluebird. Each team member, myself and Jayne included, have flourished as the processes we created complement our strengths perfectly. I’d recommend Mission Control to anyone who’s ready to take their business into it’s next phase, when you feel your business is at that stage, book your ticket!”

Leanne Bentley, Operations Director of Bluebird Support Services LTD

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