Philip Oakley, Outserve

Probably all of us think we have a structured approach to our sales process, including how we prospect and networking. I certainly did. So when I heard about a 3-day course to help me create focus and a new system, I was sceptical.

Honestly, does it take 3 days to do that?

After the first session I completely got it. This was not just a list of to-dos I needed to implement; it was an entire way of looking at my sales goals, then in a systematic, working backwards approach, determine the bare minimum I needed to do to achieve them.

During the second session we all worked together to identify our primary andsecondary planets. This again seems like an easy task, but when you are really honest and ask yourself about the measureable mutual-benefit with each of these people, the picture becomes really clear.

I really appreciated the small working group we created at these sessions. We all were in the same boat of wanting to improve our business sales, and developed a easy rapport right away.

Now that I have my plan in place I am ready to go out and create my own True Gravity. Stay tuned for an update!