Now I can Build my own Universe, in Real True Gravity Style!

What’s the Story?

Outserve LTD are a company that specialise in helping businesses who sell products online, through the comprehensive suite of services they offer.

Philip Oakley, Managing Director of Outserve LTD, was ready to build a powerful network, AKA his ‘Universe’, with connections who would help take business to the next level. With this is mind, Philip booked onto the 3-day True Gravity Accelerator Course, which brings the proven strategies found in B.D. Dalton’s  book ‘True Gravity, The Practice of Creating Stellar Business’ to life.

The first thing that resonated with me in the first session, was the impact having the right people around me has – I need a network that can help me and my business move forwards, as I help them move forwards too. I can’t wait for the next session, working with the like-minded individuals, also on the course. Now I know how to realign my time, energy and focus, I can start working on building my own Universe in real True Gravity style! –

Philip Oakley, Managing Director Outserve LTD

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