Nothing Comes Between BDC and a Client!

What’s the Story?

Nothing comes between BDC and a client, not event distance! As the Director of London based digital marketing agency, Marketiu, Andrei Tiu was an essential cog in the Marketiu ship. Andrei couldn’t take  take time out of the business to focus on the goal of growing the business’ client base and services they provide, so BDC offered a solution. 

Due to distance between Marketiu and BDC, creative ways for regular interaction were instated. This ensured accountability and roles were maintained and it was easy to touch base, any time. Now Marketiu are on top of their operations and well on their way to achieving their goals.

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Here’s What Andrei had to say

“Working with BDC has been an excellent experience from the first moment. We started our collaboration in a key moment when our agency was aiming for a healthy scaling. This was in terms of both client size and the services offered. B.D. and the team were amazing at helping us package our company products in an effective and “sell-able” way and adapting our pitch to fit the new market.

Due to distance, we didn’t always get the opportunity to meet face to face – it’s a huge time commitment! As a company director, it’s often difficult to take that time away from the business. I appreciated the creative methods used to catch-up regularly. This ensured contact was consistent and accountability was maintained.

Now, Marketiu on track with operations and heading towards exceeding our goals at full-speed. I look forward to continuing working with BDC and would recommend to any business leader looking to bring clarity to their organisation while growing profits in a sustainable way.”

 – Andrei Tiu, Director of Marketiu 

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