Mission Control

A 3-day intensive retreat for entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to put themselves on an incredible change trajectory.

Mission Control Rocked!

Mission Control Dos is now over – it’s time to follow through on all the energy and great ideas gained during our week in Madrid.


Not quite sure what Mission Control is all about?

Neither were some of our attendees before the sessions began.

Here’s what they were thinking, in their own words:

Day 1: Leanne is #MindBlown
Day 2: Jayne says it’s #Brutal
Day 3: Richard’s report from the plane

Mission Control Tres

21 – 23 May 2019

Madrid, Spain

3 Reasons Your Business NEEDS You to Attend Mission Control

  1. A proven 3-step system for creating more value in your business, whether that’s increased value in the eyes of a potential investor or buyer, or increased profits
  2.  6-pillar plan for building your Power Team to take your sales to the next level, complete with guidance on how to effectively use the ‘hunting in packs’ concept
  3. The formula to measure real return-on-investment in your networking and sales activity, and an objective way to evaluate time wasters in your business

Meet Your Host

Bart (B.D.) Dalton II is a financial guru and the author of the book True Gravity: The Practice of Creating Stallar Business. True Gravity tells the story of his challenges and lessons learned, which have allowed him to develop proven systems to create powerful business and personal networks.

When not helping others in his network achieve rapid and long-lasting success, B.D. loves spending time with his family, coaching water polo with his kids, playing golf, speaking as an entrepreneur at conferences and speaking engagements, and watching Real Madrid matches.

Don’t have 3 days to get out of the office?  No problem.

Attend a local Next Level Group – There are a number of Groups and Events taking place around the UK, find one on the subject most relevant to your business

Buy the Book – Read about the concepts being covered at Mission Control in B.D. Dalton’s book, True Gravity


Work with B.D. – Can’t bring your management and sales team to Madrid?  No problem, bring B.D. Dalton in-house to work with your teams on specific ways to propel your business forward