Simon Barry, Catalyst

Simon started his career in the telecommunications industry and built a ten year career with solid reputation as a passionate technologist who likes to get things done.

After making a segway into financial technology, Simon harnessed his abilities and used his strengths to sit at the juncture between technology and business to forge a 14 year path that led him to the top of the industry. Well respected by his peers in the industry, Simon remains a large part of the present and future of financial services and trading technology.

During his stint, Simon developed a keen interest in building businesses, and seeing a gap in the market, created his own fintech company. After this, Simon sought to further his business credentials by creating and working for several startups and SME’s.

Simon currently divides his time between mentoring and consulting with companies on operational growth strategies and the smart use of technology, he is particularly passionate about AI and Blockchain tech.

Out of work, Simon has two children and loves to read about business and technology