Lakhbir Singh Relationship Director, Barclays

Work forced me to attend one of Bart’s seminars, so I thought it would be a bog-standard sales pitch. Half-way through the first day I was amazed how wrong I was.

In 2016 I was heading up a sales team for a company that was very good at what they did, but I was not completely in alignment with their company value and goals.

B.D.’s True Gravity workshop gave me the tools and insight to evaluate my professional foundation and look at my successes in a different light. After the first session, I started going through my contacts and identifying where I had been happiest and where my friends tended to gravitate.

It became clear to me I needed a change to be able to succeed at the next level, professionally.

Within the 3 months of True Gravity sessions, the group helped me to get to the position where I am happier. The wealth that I generated using B.D.’s programme has given me more time with my family, success at work and I am currently getting back into being fit by attending the gym regularly.

I could not have done this if I hadn’t taken the leap and used the tools from B.D. and his team.

I am fulfilled in my job and we are now preparing to embark on a set of events where we can help our clients achieve great things and ultimately help them Grow, Sell, and Retire…sooner.