Kill the Rainmaker

Do you feel your business is gradually being devalued and held back from achieving its true potential? Who’s the one responsible? Answer: YOU ARE! It’s time to kill the rainmaker…

Do you do everything? Talk to the clients, manage their needs, push the business forwards and encourage growth? If so, there is a problem with this – your business needs to be bigger than just YOU. B.D. shares effective methods allowing you to Kill the Rainmaker!

“We can’t have a business with just our name above the door (unless it’s an amazing name) this is where we remove the rainmaker from the scenario and work on making the business bigger than just us.”

Simple processes and systems can really make a wealth of difference within your business, one great way in which you can achieve improvement is to have useable systems in place so if you pass the business on or sell up, the new owners can follow the same systems you already have in place.

“We need to build systems. This is something people will buy from us. We need systems in place because if you exit the company, more often than not the team and the clients will go away with you. Systems will allow someone new to come in and carry on the business as normal.”

Of course, you don’t have to take a complete backseat in the business. Distribute tasks between your team and yourself to spread the workload and keep everyone in the loop. Take your business to the next level with B.D’s expert advice. Check out the blog, Kill the Rainmaker for bite-sized tips you can apply to your business.

Grow, Sell and Retire Episode 6: Kill the Rainmaker Podcast Transcription