Jayne Smith had to Rethink 10-Years Worth of Bad Habits!

What’s the Story?

Bluebird Support Services LTD aim to deliver exceptional customer to their clients. Their main focus was on operations and recruitment. This has a negative impact on areas of the business that were being neglected, sales and marketing meaning growth was stunted.

Jayne Smith, Managing Director of Bluebird Support Services LTD, and her business partner, Leanne Bentley, live and work 200 miles apart; finding time time to evaluate the business together proved to be difficult.

Mission Control was the perfect opportunity for the business partners to sped 3 days together, building a plan that will take Bluebird to the next level.

Mission Control was a fantastic opportunity to spend time away with my business partner, learning and growing together. We have implemented what we have learnt during our time away, changing our daily working habits, using new systems and processes and shifting our focus to winning new clients. Since Mission Control, our revenue has increased and we’re well on our way to reaching our next level!

Jayne Smith, Managing Director, Bluebird Support Services LTD

Bluebird Support Services Limited

Here’s What Jayne had to say

“At Bluebird Support Services LTD, we’ve always aimed to deliver exceptional customer service to our clients offering transcriptions, word processing and training services. Our primary focus was our operations and recruitment, getting the right team in for the job which, in turn, was impacting negatively on our sales and marketing, these areas were getting neglected. Ultimately, this affected the growth of our client base and expansion of our business. 

I met B.D. on previous occasions where he had demonstrated how knowledgeable he is with an impressive track record. Despite B.D.’s proven success rate, I was a little dubious that nobody would understand my business or issues. However, the prospect of stepping back from the business for 3 days in Madrid and assessing it from a distance, gaining much needed perspective was too good an opportunity to miss for myself and my business partner (who lives and works 200 miles away from me!)

During our time in Madrid, I had to rethink ten years’ worth of habits – It’s the best thing I did for my business. Through B.D.’s candid questioning I was able to determine what Bluebird’s ‘thing’ is. What sets us apart from our competitors and makes us the go-to service in our sector. By identifying this, I gained better understanding of our niche and how to perfectly articulate our business and product to the right market. 

Clearly defining Bluebird’s services enabled us to build products designed for clients, products they would want to buy, rather than building products to suit the needs of our clients. Streamlining our services has helped our business run smoothly, servicing clients efficiently ensuring they have an amazing experience with us. This has also helped our sales process run with ease; clients are now gravitating towards us because the services we offer are so well suited to our niche market.”

 – Jayne Smith, Managing Director of Bluebird Support Services LTD

Business After Mission Control…

“I can’t stress enough how worthwhile of an investment Mission Control is. As a small business, making a cash and time investment is a big decision but to get the most out of your business, you must put into it.

Making this investment has gained us our ideal client base who LOVE the Bluebird brand and services we offer (we’ve even dropped clients who we’re hindering our business, taking too much of our time, focus and energy) which, in turn, has increased our profits and grown our business – we’ve even written a book!

This has all happened in the first 6 months back from Mission Control. The processes and strategies we developed during our time have already proven to be highly effective. We can’t wait for Mission Control next year!”

Jayne Smith, Managing Director of Bluebird Support Services LTD

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