Interview With Campbell Macpherson – The Change Catalyst Ep. #47

88% of change initiatives fail. Campbell has the nous that will prevent you making these common mistakes when making your next big change…

Author of the award winning book, The Change Catalyst, Campbell Macpherson has an eye opening chat with B.D. in this episode of Grow, Selll and Retire, sharing the proven concepts that will make your next big change sustainable and successful.

Campbell explains, most people fear change, and discusses the culture and process to change that inherent resistance that lies within us.  As a leader, we need to be the Change Catalyst for our team. You’re the one responsible helping your team with the change learning, understanding the vision and leading them towards a positive change.

Most change initiatives fail, that’s a fact. Campbell addresses the common mistakes you need to avoid and the actions needed to make your change a success.

Listen to the full episode with Campbell and prepare for an amazing change trajectory!

A reason people shy away from change is fear - it's fear of the unknown. People would rather stay mired in misery than leap into unfamiliar territory, which which I think sums it up. We're hardwired to resist change so, as leaders, we need to help ourselves and our people overcome this through learning and making change familiar.

- Campbell Macpherson