I Learned so Much When it Comes to Building Value Into my Business

What’s the Story?

Shelley Lloyd was the Managing Director of Celsium Global Mobility Solutions LTD, a company that specialise in  providing full immigration and relocation management services.

Shelley was looking to sell her business, so was looking for all the information she could get to ensure the transaction was a smooth process and maximising on her returns when the sale was complete. After attending the Enterprise Value seminar with the Celsium team, she left feeling motivated with new, implementable information to add extra value to the business.

Myself and my team left B.D.'s Enterprise Value session feeling unbelievably motivated and energised! He explained everything clearly with a no-jargon approach. I learned so much about building value into my business, from the early stages to end process of selling. I brought my whole team so they can also understand these processes and principals.

Shelley Lloyd, Global Mobility Director, Celsium Powered by Brunel

Meet Shelley, Global Mobility Director of Celsium Powered by Brunel – she’ll tell you what she thought of the Enterprise Value Seminar!

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