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How to Be Indistractable With Nir Eyal Ep. #96

Phones. TV. Computers. STOP LETTING THEM DISTRACT YOU! Nir Eyal, Best selling Author of ‘Hooked’ and ‘Indistractable’ will make you sit up and pay attention, sharing proven tips that will stop the distractions and accelerate productivity.

In this podcast, Nir Eyal, AKA, The Prophet of Habit Forming Technology, shares amazing ideas and fresh perspective on why we’re so easily distracted and prone to procrastination. The world is full of distractions – how do we harness the power technology can offer without it consuming our productivity and focus?

Why do we get distracted?

We’re all guilty of checking our social media too many times per hour or browsing through Amazon  – we need to stop! Admittedly, that’s easier said than done sometimes. Nir demonstrates thoughts from his book, Indistractable, explaining how we can break these patterns and win back our time, using it effectively.

This shows that distraction comes from within. The things we do to distract ourselves are based on how we feel. Unless we break these there will always be something that will take our attention, focus and productivity. The ability to stay focused will put you at a competitive advantage, propelling success, in life and business.

Now we have your attention, put your phone down, ignore your social media and listen to Nir’s amazing interview!

Nir Eyal, Grow, Sell and Retire Podcast
When we feel lonely, we check social media, if we’re uncertain, we use Google, when we’re bored, we check stock prices or sports scores. These all cater to uncomfortable emotional sensations, feeding our desire to escape discomfort. It’s important to realise that distraction starts from within – if we don’t come to terms with the fact we’re looking to escape psychological discomfort, there will always be something to distract us.

- Nir Eyal

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