Bart (B.D.) Dalton II has over 20 years financial and business expertise and is also the author of the book, True Gravity. Bart holds many successful speaking engagements across the U.K. offering his wealth of knowledge, advice and sharing his proven systems showing you how to really skyrocket your business and ensure you are surrounded by positive influences. True Gravity igniter sessions bring his book, True Gravity, to life.

Work With You

Not only does Bart hold group speaking events, but you can also work with him 1-on-1. There are many great accelerator options available: Become a 3G adviser – be the Guide, Guru and Gladiator to your clients to ensure you get better sales and have clients for life. You can also meet with Bart to discuss enterprise value. If  you are looking  to grow or sell your business maximising your returns, get in touch.

Work With Your Team

You can also hire Bart to work with you and your sales team; bring Bart in-house and he will work with all of you, making sure you and your team are an amazing, positive work force propelling your business forwards. If you really want to skyrocket your business, attend Mission Control: an intensive 3 day retreat in Madrid really focusing on your business, network and you, the entrepreneur. You will come back to the office and implement the positive changes to your business.