Have a Holiday EVERY WEEK!

Blue skies, Golden sands, reclining with a Pina Colada in hand…is that a dream you’d love to make a reality every week? You may be thinking “I’ll never have the time to do that!!” Believe it or not, taking a holiday every week is guaranteed to increase your productivity and encourage you to get more done…

When do you complete the most tasks? If you’re like the majority of us, it’s most likely the week before we go on holiday. Wouldn’t you love to be that motivated every week? Get all your meetings, calls, paper work done in half the time it would usually take? Check out these 3 simple tips that will increase your productivity, efficiency AND win you back time to do the things you really love…

Make Every Weekend a Long Weekend!

When we’re staring down the barrel of a 5 day week (sometimes even longer for those who feel the notion of leaving the office for a day is out of the question). We can afford to drag our heels, procrastinate and take longer doing things that shouldn’t really take that much time to complete. If we shorten our work week, every week, it would give us motivation and encouragement to get our tasks done, knowing we have a time limit and productivity is essential. Create a ‘to-do’ list for the week, Consolidate and prioritise your tasks and this will help to increase efficiency and create even more time.

Use Your Time Away From the Business effectively

Whilst enjoying your long weekends, try use this time productively. As important as it is to have some YOU-time, see this as an opportunity to realign your focus. Make sure your business is working for you. With this time, you can formulate a plan, and identify what you want out of your business. That could be an increase in profits, more staff, a better client base or to create workable systems and procedures. Maybe you feel you or your business would benefit from coaching, or courses that will develop your skills. Whatever your ideas may be for your business, this time away from the every day rigmarole will help you establish the steps you need to take to move your business to the next level.

Take Extra-long Holidays!

Wouldn’t you love to be able to take as much time away from the business as you please? To be able to sit on a beach, play golf, or have long spa sessions without stressing about the business, checking your phone and (worst of all) replying to emails!? Creating workable, effective systems and procedures for your team  to follow when you’re away will ensure business runs as smoothly as if you were sat there in the office. You’re away from the office, but your brand, business, operations all remain the same, whether you’re gone for 2 weeks, or 2 months!

This is part of the beauty of owning your own business, when you’re doing it right. You can chose the days you work, take long weekends and extended periods of leave and know operations are still running smoothly. Follow these 3 tips and you’ll have an amazing business whilst you’re enjoying your time away, doing the things you really love!

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