Growth Hacks and Smartcuts With Shane Snow Ep. #18

Climb Your way up the Ladder, Quickly and Effectively with Shane’s Awesome Growth Hacks!

In this episode of Grow, Sell and Retire, B.D. is joined by the awesome Shane Snow. The award winning journalist, Entrepreneur, Influencer and best-selling author of the book Smartcuts is a true innovator, through and through. Shane’s growth hacks are guaranteed to give you the push up ladder, demonstrating how far job-hopping and innovative thinking  can get you – don’t be afraid to skip the line on the way to success!

Shane explains how people that have a varied career path are often better because they are more adaptable and have earned credibility and leadership in other fields which often means they can make quick decisions and demonstrate flexibility. Garnering varied skill sets from a multitude of roles feeds your inner-innovator and keeps motivation strong.

So, are you ready to accelerate your success? Listen to these effective Smartcuts and growth hacks to unleash your inner rule-breaker – change the conventions and skip the line on the way to the top!

Credibility is more important than length of service. Someone may have done the job longer than someone else, but what have they done to actually prove they are a leader? Success doesn’t have to follow a linear path.

– Shane Snow