Grow, Sell and Retire – The Launch of the #1 Bestseller

Grow, Sell and Retire – The Launch of the #1 Bestseller


To commemorate B.D. Dalton’s number one Bestseller, ‘Grow, Sell and Retire‘, we thought we’d host a launch with a difference and play on the ‘Lazy Over-achiever’ concept found in the book. Why not bring together some of Birmingham’s most influential business leaders for a relaxed coffee and chat, exchanging success stories, the positive impact they’ve had on the region and ways to keep pushing the city we love forwards.



B.D. was delighted to give Mayor of West Midlands, Andy Street a copy of Grow, Sell and Retire!

Taking half an hour out of business and having the time to sit and talk with people who have contributed massively to the success and growth in the city is truly inspiring. Having the luxury to take time away from the business throughout the day for a coffee is definitely a trait of a true Lazy Over-achiever!

Over the course of the two days meeting some of Birmingham’s finest, it’s clear to see how solid foundations, clear processes and set objectives make a world of difference to you, your business and your clients.



The launch was an incredible success, and the unique format allowed the opportunity to hear insights from the regions influencers, chat over coffee and celebrate being a Lazy Over-achiever!

Want to learn more life and business secrets from a Lazy Over-achiever?

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