Grow, Sell, Retire Bestselling Book

Grow, Sell, and Retire

Business and Life Secrets for the Lazy Over-Achiever

A Book By Bart (BD) Dalton II

In Grow, Sell and Retire, the Amazon BestSeller, Businessman B.D. Dalton delivers an eye-opening look at the real value of your business, what prospective buyers are willing to pay for and what they won’t.

Most businesses depend too much on the owner. If you can’t take a holiday for 6 months and come back to find your business still running well, then you don’t have a business to sell – yet.

Realising the value of your business can be a scary exercise, especially if you are considering how to exit or sell it in the next few years.

In this book, you’ll learn about building Enterprise Value and the steps every one has to go through: fake it, take it and make it.

If you complete the exercises, you will find yourself focusing on the most important of the Six Levers of Wealth and really understanding if your goal is to frantically increase turnover or hone a vital business system.

Grow, Sell and Retire Book

“Dalton is laser focused on the end goal – your success.  And this book is the embodiment of that focus.  It’s all the right stuff without the fluff!”
Shane Snow, founder of Contently and author of Smartcuts

“I learn something important every time I talk to B.D.  His advice and insights are always powerful. If anyone can help you grow, sell and retire, it’s him.”
Michael Maslansky, author of The Language of Trust: Selling Ideas in a World of Skeptics


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