GDPR is Awesome!

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” Said chicken little.

Do you remember the old nursery rhyme?

Your business doesn’t run on fear, worries, anxiety or anybody else’s agenda does it?

If you are like most of our clients you have attended 3 GDPR seminars, have met with 2 experts and you are less certain than ever about what it is all about, you have a sneaky suspcicion that GDPR stands for Gosh Darn Political Rhetoric or, even worse, it is causing you sleepless nights.

I won’t waste your time explaining the ins outs here.

All of clients we are working view the 25th of May 2018 as a great way to make sure that they are getting ahead of their competition. Here are the ways that our team of catalysts have been using our tools to make GDPR stand for:

Greater Dividends for Personal Riches

Here are the ways Bart Dalton Consultancy is making sure that our clients are making GDPR Awesome.  

It all starts with a plan.

That is why we have our Launch Package which includes a 103 point check list on your Technical systems. We know that GDPR is Awesome!

Chris Kealy has been working with a number of engineering firms and he has been using this opportunity to make sure that the sales teams are talking to their clients and increasing engagement. He is a Manchester United fan(like it or loathe it).  They are using GDPR as an opportunity to advertise and market more to the fans that want to know more about their team and its players.

He has come up with 2 plans to get the clients more sales using our mantra of Profit Per Client. This means provide more value to the clients that matter to what you do.

Can GDPR help with your marketing?

Dr. Richard Fallon says “Yes, it can!” He is helping companies to make sure that the requests to be able to continue communicating with their clients and prospects are welcomed with open arms. He has been piggy-backing on the ideas Chris has been implementing to craft a marketing plan which helps them to achieve GDPR compliance and improve engagement with prospects and clients.

What systems do your teams have to make sure that they are catapulting themselves towards your niche clients?

Ted Robinson the Catalyst that works with Management Teams has really been help Directors and Business Owners to move forward. In Ted’s Peer to Peer Management meeting one of the major topics over the past 2 months has been how to turn GRPR worry into wealth and they have been coming up with a number of ways to “sell umbrellas in the rain.”   He has seen profitable ideas implemented and revisiting of systems that had been relaxed in the good times of the last 4 years.

Do we really need a Data Protection Officer?

When our specialist in GDPR systems, John Charlton, has been out auditing businesses, he tells us that he has heard everything from:

“We will have to buy a new server”, to “Get rid of all our client data and start again.” And everything in between. He has developed two simple systems and 3 actions that will ensure GDPR compliance and help your business to grow.

Successful business are Proactive.  Amazing businesses are Intentional. Anyone that follows us knows that we love 3s. Here is what our clients have been doing to make sure that they can crush their competitors and bring in more high value clients.

  1. Complete the Launch Package.
  2. Build a Proactive process on the 6 Levers of increasing their Enterprise Value.
  3. Stay Calm and make GDPR the thing that makes their business Wealthy.

You probably have all your GDPR stuff in order.

If not, then e-mail us now at

Remember GDPR is Awesome!  

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