Futureproof Your Business With Minter Dial Ep. #39

Waterproof, Fireproof – what about Futureproof? Make your business Futureproof and Prepare for a digital future…

Minter Dial, award winning co-author of the book, Futureproof is in conversation with B.D.,  sharing powerful thoughts on how to Futureproof your business, applying the right technology to better serve customers and preparing for the a digital horizon.

In this episode, Minter explains the 3 core mindsets and the 12 technologies you must consider to help you grow your business, see success and prepare for a disruptive future.

Every business is looking to shake their marker place and be the leading innovator  in their sector, but, sometimes we need to think about preparing for the impending disruption over being the disruptor.

This is a truly fascinating insight into the technology that is shaping our future and preparing business for a digital future.

Minter Dial
When we're looking at all of these disruptive forces and technologies, we tend to think about how
quickly we can implement them to get some quick wins and make more money. What we should really be doing is looking at how we can drive innovation and better serve our customers which, of course, is the most necessary thing.

- Minter Dial