Notes from the True Gravity Universe Ep. #1

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The Holy Grail for most entrepreneurs – selling your business! If you were to sell your business tomorrow, is it sale-ready?

“We’re looking at what steps you need to take to prepare as an entrepreneur and also as a business to prepare for sale.”

Episode one of Grow, Sell and Retire will guide you through some simple business tips and the preparation required when the time comes to sell your baby. If you were to sell your house or car, you would make sure they were in top form, the best state possible to maximise on your returns. Would you do the same for your business?

“There’s nothing better than your house being all in line and you wanting to still live there and in your business that means that you’re sitting there in a great business with great systems in place.”

Be warned – there are people out there that will call your baby, your business, UGLY. It’s no reflection on you. This is a move which enables people to pay you less for it. Follow these steps and avoid these harsh buying tactics!

It will be beneficial to you now and in the future. You will be in a great business for the remainder of your time there and have a great business to sell when the time comes.

“These are the actions you can take to make sure you can implement something today that’ll turn your business around.”