Find Your ‘WHY’ With Peter Docker Ep. #20

To Find Your ‘WHY’, you Need to Establish What it is You’re Working Towards…

The truly inspiring Peter Docker, Co-author of Find Your Why, speaker, teacher, igniter and Simon Sinek’s right-hand man, shares powerful thoughts in this episode of Grow, Sell and Retire, sharing the logic behind the find your ‘Why’ initiative.

Peter helps Simon  ignite inspiration in businesses and individuals globally, encouraging them to establish their purpose and find their ‘Why’. Listen as Peter shares eye opening insights and discusses with  the positive impact inviting success into your life will have, HUGE things will happen!

Peter explains the value of allowing things to happen instead of forcing things to happen. There’s real mileage in taking a step back and determining what it actually is that you stand for and what you believe in. This is how you create a space into which others can step in. When you invite like-minded people into your space, powerful things can happen.

To ignite inspiration and passion, we need to find our why – what is your purpose? What are you working for? Once we establish what it is we’re working towards, we gain the motivation to work even harder.

This is a truly inspiring episode, of Grow, Sell and Retire. Be sure to listen to the full interview with Peter Docker and Find Your ‘Why’…

We should wake up each day inspired; inspired to go to work, inspired to run our business the best way we possibly can - we should come home at the end of the day feeling fulfilled, like we’ve accomplished something. We’re working towards our vision.

– Peter Docker