Don’t Waste Your Time Ep. #2

Time is precious. It’s a valuable commodity so few of us can afford to spend frivolously. Don’t waste your time and you’ll feel the benefit, immediately!

We’re all guilty of it. Spending huge chunks of the day in hour (sometimes two-hour) long coffee meetings with prospects that, more often than not, don’t materialise into that will contribute to our business and bottom line. Of course, it’s great having a coffee, meeting with clients and prospects, but does it add real value to business or take up a chunk of the work day that could be better utilised?

All it takes is simple systems and processes to really maximise your time, spending it wisely and taking back control of your work day. It’s important to remember, other people’s time is just as precious as our own, so improving time management is beneficial to you, your team, clients and prospects.

From email templates to meeting agendas, the tips in this episode will give you some easily implementable tips that will guarantee to help you spend time effectively, freeing up the day to get more work done (or spend the extra time doing more of the things you really love!) So, don’t waste your time – listen to the full episode, now!

I want to make sure that the 45-minute coffee I’m going to have with a client or prospect follows the agenda and remains within the time frame. Not only do I value my time, I value their time as well.

- B.D. Dalton

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