Don’t Waste Your Time

Listen to “Grow, Sell and Retire: Grow – Don’t waste your time Episode 2” on Spreaker.

Time is precious – who can afford to waste it? In episode 2 of Grow, Sell and Retire, we will discuss ways in which you can maximise time and your profits.

          “It’s not about working harder, it about working smarter.”

There is no need to spend chunks of your day meeting numerous potential clients. We know a lot of them wont actually materialise into something of value for us. We need to use our working day wisely and more efficiently. Good time management makes a world of difference to you and your business. Simple Systems in place can drastically improve the running of your business.

Listen as B.D. shares tips and tricks he uses to make better use of time – don’t underestimate the power of an email template! It’s surprising how days can be eaten up by typing the same emails over and over again! When arranging meetings, go in with a set agenda and stick to it. As much as you want to maximise your time, clients want to maximise their own time, as well.

It is important to remember, other people’s time is just as important as our own, so using these simple systems offered by B.D. will be better for you and your clients. Don’t waste your time – make better use of it!

“I want to make sure that the 45-minute coffee I’m going to have with a client follows the agenda. Then they know that their time is important to them and it’s important to me.”

Be sure to listen to the full podcast, the advice offered is guaranteed to improve your day-to-day systems and allow operations to run smoothly  – it’s a real time-saver!