#Disruption2018 Debrief

Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. Autonomous vehicles…these technological terms are banded about in the office, in media and are infiltrating our lives whether we want it to, or  not.

On 24th October 2018 BDC hosted the tech briefing of the year, demonstrating how to apply technology into business. The afternoon was jam-packed with thought provoking discussions around the tables as well as powerful ideas and tech-facts from industry leaders like Uber and Tesla.

Don't try to do everything and use all kinds of technology. Think about tech that would enhance your business for you and your clients. What could you use and implement really well, rather than applying tech that might not be beneficial or relevant to your business?

- Caleb Storkey, Award Winning Co-Author of Futureproof

Tech chatter was strong, stimulating mind-expanding discussions and inspiration amongst those in attendance. Representatives of industry giants, Uber and Tesla demonstrated ways in which they are disrupting their market, leading the tech-revolution. It was incredible to see the future vision from their perspective. The overall message conveyed by Uber, was to ensure the tech you currently/considering to apply is not only beneficial to you and your business, but ensuring it will enhance your client’s experience.

After an incredibly positive response from speakers and attendees, we’re pleased to announce that the date for #Disruption2019 has been set! An exciting line up of expert speakers have been confirmed, spanning Virtual Reality, User Interface, 5G and more.

They will be de-mystifying technology and exploring ways we can leverage this to our advantage. Gain a better understanding of the tools that are shaping our future and, most importantly, exploring real-life applications of this tech.