Creating Addiction

Gummy bears, Twitter, Exercise and Game of Thrones. Those are a few of my addictions. Addiction is not always a bad thing – just ask Willy Wonka! When it comes to your business you want your clients hooked, just like Agustus Gloop was to Willy Wonka’s chocolate river. The question is, how do we make our business more valuable and keep clients wanting more? Check out these tips and create addiction!

Here Are Three Tips to Make Sure Your Clients Keep Coming Back For More:

1. Maintain regular contact with clients even if it’s just to ask, “How are you doing today?”

a. Top customer service really does go a long way. Everybody loves getting emails and phone calls. Hearing the buzz of your phone or email alert releases dopamine, a feel-good chemical in the body – it feels amazing knowing someone wants to contact you. Every once in a while, you or a member of your team should go through all of your contacts and give them a call or send an email, just checking in, asking them for a coffee or keeping them updated with your latest projects.

b. Remember things about you clients, where they’ve been on holiday, what their kids are up to – things that are important to them. Just like when you walk into a coffee shop and the barista remembers your order, you feel special, like that person cares and understands you – you keep coming back for more!

2. Create addiction by creating a happy team – Smiles go for miles!

a. Your clients want to know that you’re passionate. A great way of showing your passion and interest is by smiling. You exude positivity and happiness when you smile and your clients will see this and you’ll keep them engaged. I like to say, “smiles go for miles!”

b. Each member of your team needs to understand their respective roles. Everybody has their strengths and it feels good having a job you know you’re good at and feel comfortable doing. As important as it is for each team member to have their own roles, it’s also important to understand each others roles as well. You need know that if something was to happen to a member of the team, their role is clear to everyone else and can be filled by another member of the team.

3. Keep it personal. Make sure your clients buy you as a person

You want your clients to buy into your business but you also need them to buy into you as an individual. Maybe you’re in a sports team, or you do a lot of charity work. You want your clients involved as it offers a personal touch – you’re more than just your business. Your clients will be engaged and want to know more. This is why Social Media is such a useful tool, it’s so easy to stay connected and update people on your projects as well as learning about theirs.

Overall, interaction is key when we create addiction. We all like to feel special, like someone has took time out of their day to think about us and dial our number. So, go ahead – call a few contacts you haven’t interacted with for a while – they’ll be hooked in no time!