True Gravity can be defined as the process where you use a set of skills and time that you have spent to pull in wealth by creating a pull amongst your contacts. These contacts act as other celestial bodies within your galaxy.

The celestial bodies that you run into can be amazing and some can be dangerous. How you interact with them can make your journey amazing, or it can make it perilous. There are planets that can help you pull the right things into your reach and there are other planets that take away the very things you are looking for.

When you create your gravitational pull, you need other planetary resources. Being the go-to person is one of the most powerful sources of energy.

As a young financial adviser, I thought that my job was to buy things that went up in people’s portfolio. I was only partially right.

I realized I had become the person I needed to be, when I received a call from one of my clients Colleen, who had a portfolio of investments that would make many envious. My assistant put her through and her opening remark was “Maytag or Whirlpool?”

I put on my best stock broker hat and advised that, as investments they are both parts of larger companies and their manufacturers have been having challenges as of late.

There was 30 seconds of silence. “Colleen are you still there?”

She answered, “I am not looking for investment advice. I would like to buy a new washing machine. I trust you and know that if anyone could find me the right answer or someone to get it for me, It would be you.”  

I had become a trusted adviser and confidant. When I had the information, I became the go-to guy. Answering questions made me a resource and not just a salesman. I had gained True Gravity with my clients.  

Your True Gravity comes when you can provide answers to the people around you, even when it does not officially add to your bottom line. It’s not an easy thing to do, so in the beginning your Efforts are based around a few areas.

Making money

Your family needs to eat and you need to feel successful, at whatever level you envision success to be in a material sense.

Building trust

You need to do what you say and say what you do. Without trust, you cannot build a galaxy. No one will be attracted to what you have to deliver.

Designing your Planetary Systems

You need to have a plan. Using True Gravity, you will have a plan to put your universe in place to make your life easier and more rewarding.

Enjoying your life and FOCUS on your WHY

Have fun and do things that make you feel good, but don’t put other people out in the meantime. Things we give away remind us about all the things we have in abundance. The more we practice the abundance mindset the stronger we will be. If we feel that resources are scarce then we tend to keep things to ourselves. In essence we become better as a whole when we give away our parts.

Make yourself strong. Be a mentor or a business friend but to save your energy, time and focus, you need to do it with a plan. You have abundance – just figure out how you can give it away and make sure you give it to the right people.