Charity Pub Crawl is 10 Years Old

Birmingham UK is known for its Bull Ring Market, and with B.D.’s affinity to Spain, it seemed natural to start a bull run through the streets – combining business and beer – to raise money for charity.

In 2008, B.D. and a group of his business colleagues started what has become an institution in the business community, and has raised over £50,000 for various charities.

The Birmingham Bull Run is a pub crawl where a group of city professionals charge through the streets between 4 pubs, talking business, sharing ideas and raising money and awareness for local charities like Edward’s Trust, Lisieux Trust and most recently, Cauldwell’s Children.

“It’s an awesome sight to behold as a sea of 170 Red t-shirt wearing revellers laugh and stroll, pass business cards and tell jokes – ultimately in the name of bringing Birmingham closer together. It makes me proud to know I was part of the beginning of this.” 

Look out for the Bull Run every year on the first Thursday of July. It is around the date of the famous San Fermin.