Building Business Value, Wise Words From Mark Tibergien Ep. #13

Do you want to build real value into your business? Mark Tibergien has the solution for you…

B.D. is joined by one of his  biggest inspirations, in this Grow, Sell and Retire episode. Mark Tibergien, Author of several publications, CEO of Pershing Advisory Solutions and all around amazing guy shares his wealth of finance and business expertise helping us add value to our business.

Mark’s advice will have a positive impact on your business if you implement these practical solutions –  these tips will help you build more value to your business and make less mistakes. It’s a principle as old as time – plan and invest in your business and you’ll feel the benefit.

Grab your notebook, your cup of coffee and prepare to absorb some amazing bursts of knowledge from the best in the business.

People fail to develop other people. The greatest thing that we can commit against someone is to underestimate them. We do this by expecting little of them and I think of this in business often is that we may tend to denigrate the people who we work with rather than invest in them and look at them as part of our value proposition.

– Mark Tibergien