Blockchain De-Mystified With Simon Barry, Ep. #46

Blockchain, Fintech, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency –  We hear these buzzwords banded about daily, but what does it actually mean, and how do we apply it to business?

There’s no doubt about it, when we incorporate the right technology to business, it can enhance it, massively. The challenge is understanding which tech to use, and how it will work for your bottom line.

Simon Barry, Blockchain enthusiast and tech-spert, joins B.D. on this episode of Grow, Sell and Retire, de-mystifying these terms and turning them into real-life tools you can consider for your business.

Get your Blockchain hat on, listen in and be the go-to-person when it comes to navigating the Digital Age.

Blockchain: it's quite possibly the solution for legacy financial systems, but what does that mean for the majority of the UK's businesses?

- Simon Barry

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